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Why Quality Time Moments are  "Magical"

Graham Cracker has

discovered from

personal experience

why our special

family moments 

are magical; 

they are literally 

the cement that can 

hold our families

together forever. 

My Graham Crackers'n Milk Cup Overfloweth Today

This is my little grandson in the picture. Atreyu and I love to take walks. This evening I tried diligently to look at our world as though there was nothing but the present. If you think about it, that truly is where all the joy is found. I did not think about the past and everything I might want to change about it. I did not think about the worries and concerns of the future. Instead, as a child does, I marveled at the amazing trees, I felt the cool air on my cheeks and smelled its majesty. We watched the mystery or our sizzling sun as it began to go down and I thanked God that it came up every day. I discovered that there were birds floating softly on the evening breeze.


Gratitude is magical. Gratitude fills our hearts with joy so there is not room enough to receive it. I was grateful for my beautiful world, for my life, for my God. I was grateful for my body that allowed me to walk and sense my world as I did. I was grateful for my dear husband who is presently confined to a rehab with a broken leg, for my children and grandchildren, the home we live in and all the needs we always have taken care of. I was grateful for my own son, the oldest of eight who passed away on the 15th of September, two years ago from cancer. He is the husband of a beautiful bride, the father of four wonderful children who love him and hold tight to his legacy. I believe that life goes on forever.

As Atreyu and I finished our walk, I thought my heart might burst. I took him out to play on a small playground. As soon as I put him in the baby swing, he was squealing with joy. He could not contain his laughter. The evening was cool and delightful. I pushed him for a long time and then we went to a small play area for toddlers. Atreyu has not been walking for  long, but he took brave little steps, his legs wide and daring, his toes investigating the cold sand. He discovered how to climb the steps, turn the play wheel to steer his “ship” down the river and we played “peek a boo” and finally he slid down the slide on his belly. And then he did it again and again.


And then it happened. I was transformed to a time when I played joyfully and endlessly with my oldest son Justin when he was that age, about 43 years ago. He was my life at that time. First and only child, my husband traveling to care for us, we were best buds and we had plenty of time to enjoy the moments. As I watched and hugged Atreyu, tears ran freely as I remembered my little son and those “magical moments” we spent together. How grateful I am for rich, powerful memories that we created in our simple play together when he was small. It created a bond between us that can never ever be broken. No matter where we are, if we are the one who is dying of cancer or the one who has passed on to another sphere loving his mother dearly and not really knowing why, or if she is the mother who is left behind with only the memories to collapse her heart in an overwhelming joyful evening, it matters not. The power of memories have created their “magic” which will last forever and ever and ever even if we do not remember them specifically, our hearts do. No one can take it away. We sewed it into the pattern of our soul. We made it invincible and it is a tool and a weapon we can draw out when it is most needed to heal our wounds and soften our hearts with gratitude. 


I was only watching Atreyu for an hour or so. When my son came home, I asked him if I could give him a bath. He needed it after his adventures, but I had selfish reasons. Bath time was my baby Justin’s favorite time of all. With not much else to do 43 years ago, this young mother sat by the tub and allowed Justin to play for hours. I wanted to watch another little boy do the same last night. Atreyu had a cup and loved catching water from the faucet in it. When it was full, he would pop it against the faucet and when it splashed into his face, he found it laughable. Then he would look up at me with his precious brown eyes, not Justin’s blue ones. He did it again and again. My love for him grew tighter and stronger. Who knows what these new strong “magical memories” will help us get through as Atreyu gets older? I only know that they are important. Little, short, or long, “magical memories” that bind us together in love. They are so strong, Justin might have called them “ramberbands” (his toddler enunciation for “rubberbands”). They are magical. They are indestructible, they are a gift from God and a thing to be treasured.


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With all my love,

Graham Cracker

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